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What are Clients Say About Business For Sale Florida

“George is very detail-oriented, thorough, and professional. He is honest and exhibits strong work ethics. George is the kind of person that it is an honor to know and work with.” August 2, 2008

Tiffany Tolerico, High School Science Teacher, Seminole County Public Schools was with another company when working with George at Business For Sale Florida.

“George is a true professional who has many years of experience as a Business Broker and is a pleasure to work with.” April 8, 2008

Shaun Thornton, Associate, Murphy Business & Financial Services Inc. was with another company when working with George at Business For Sale Florida

“I have had the privilege to work with George Rosen many times over the last two years. I have never met a more qualified or professional business broker in my career. His attention to detail and immediate follow through are remarkable. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone in my network or my family. George is destined to accomplish many great things.” April 6, 2008

James Franzese, Vice President/Business Banking, Regions Bank was with another company when working with George at Business For Sale Florida.

“George is a great guy, great with people and very skilled at helping buyers and sellers navigate successful solutions. I have worked with George as a client, with my clients and as an outside advisor and have appreciated his friendliness, promptness, thoroughness and expertise. He is an asset to my business and a good friend whom I truly appreciate.” April 3, 2008

Top qualities:

Personable, Expert, Creative

John Ledford hired George as a Business Consultant in 2000

“I first met George Rosen in 2001 when I was thinking of selling a business. Rather than simply list our business for the price I was seeking, George performed an exhaustive analysis and provided me with a true valuation. George knew that I would not be happy with the figure, so he showed me not only how he obtained the figure, but how to change my business for a potential higher sale in the future. This meant no listing and no commission for him, although he did not seem to mind.

As my business continued to grow, an exit strategy was no longer my top priority. Instead, in 2007 I was looking to purchase the 16,000 square foot commercial retail building that our expanded businesses occupied. After many months of negotiating price with the seller and courting potential lenders, I found myself still without a contract and without a financing commitment. In fact, I was not even sure it was in my best interest to obtain the building at all.

I had to find George Rosen! He would know at what price the building would be a good addition for me. He would be able to help with the contract negotiation. And he would be able to package our deal for quick approval from lenders. None of these services were ever offered by Mr. Rosen during our meetings five years prior, but I was confident that Mr. Rosen’s experience with investment analysis that I witnessed firsthand and his past successes in making deals happen that were apparent would make his input invaluable to me.

Although he was no longer with the same firm, I was able to use a little detective work to track him down. As expected, he was able to help. He had the mathematical answer to my question of buying the building – the price at which the purchase would be sensible for us, considering our past, present and extrapolated future business record, and that of the building. A deal was made with the seller, and thanks to his ability to present our future value to lenders by distilling down a complicated multivariable analysis into a neat box the precise way underwriters view the world, we were able to get financing approvals.

I now refer to George Rosen as my “Rubber Stamp Man.” If a deal has any possibility of being financed, George Rosen can be your personal loan processor and present an easily approvable deal to underwriters.” April 3, 2008

Top qualities:

Great Results, Expert, Creative

Alex Litras hired George as a Business Consultant in 2001, and hired George more than once

“George is a business professional that I had the pleasure knowing for several years. George is very dilegent in his approach and has a true understanding of business acumen.” April 2, 2008

Derek Miller, Managing Director, Accounting Principals was with another company when working with George at Business For Sale Florida.

“I have known George Rosen for approx. 10 years. He is detailed oriented, has great followup skills and is an expert in his field.

He is a client of mine and I have come to know him personally. He has a great personality and is easy to deal with.

Please contact me if you need additional information. Best Regards,

Barbara Landey NuVox Communications
407.221.8160” April 2, 2008

Barbara Landey, Account Executive, NuVox Communications was a consultant or contractor to George at Business For Sale Florida.

“George always listens to what is being asked of him and acts accordingly.” April 2, 2008

Top qualities:

Personable, On Time, High Integrity

David Southon hired George as a Business Consultant in 2007

“George provided an excellent service to my company when it first located to Florida in the early nineties.

His organisation was one of the first we engaged, and he became our trusted ‘property guy’ for the next five years, until our period of expansion was complete.

During that time he demonstrated an ability to understand our needs and delivered an excellent service that creatively met our requirements, whilst being on time and reasonably priced.

All in all I would have no hesitation in recommending George to anyone and I would be happy to furnish a more detailed recommendation if required.

Jeff Stewart [UK Leisure Inc]” April 2, 2008

Top qualities:

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Jeff Stewart hired George as a Real Estate Agent in 1992

“George is a consummate professional in both real estate transactions and business brokerage. Whether you are looking for a professional skilled in lease negotiations or a business pro who can perform a valuation and assist in the development of an exit strategy George is your man. Do not hesitate to secure George’s Services at  Business For Sale Florida.” April 1, 2008

Michael Shea, Broker, Transworld Business Brokers of Central Florida LLC was with another company when working with George at Business For Sale Florida.

“Not only has George done such a great job for me as a Broker, But I also feel like I now have a great friend. I will continue to use George for all of my real estate and consulting needs.” April 1, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Nader Maali hired George as a Real Estate Agent in 2007

“George has done a good job for me each time I’ve needed his services. He understands the goals we are trying to accomplish and knows how to implement the game plan. He is also good at staying in touch to give progress reports on his efforts.” April 1, 2008

Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Jack Oppenheimer hired George as a Business Consultant in 2003, and hired George more than once

“Mr. George Rosen has been offering to some of our international clients,opportunities to purchase or sale some of their businesses sometimes including Real Estate. He always has been demonstrating a rare quality of exactitude in his statements with an impressive ability to demonstrate his financial or technical statements and or analysis.He will remain an obvious future partner of our company.” April 1, 2008

Jerome Henin, Owner, Henin group was with another company when working with George at Business For Sale Florida.

“George is a deep thinker, a gentlemen, and very dependable. You will find him pleasant to do business with.” April 1, 2008

William Malone, Business Intermediary, Corporate Investment International of N. Florida Inc was with another company when working with George at Business For Sale Florida.

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